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Asphalt Rubber Tanks

Specialized tanks for reacting rubberized asphalts. Reaction tanks are needed in the production of asphalt rubber and many other rubber-modified asphalt products. After passing through a blending system, the product is stored and reacted inside the tank (typically for 30 minutes up to 1 hour). Aggressive agitation inside the tank promotes a uniform reaction, ensures the particles remains suspended, and produces a consistent blend. During this time, the rubber particles swell as they absorb some of the asphaltenes while simultaneously releasing some of their lighter oils into the asphalt – this reaction provides the many beneficial properties associated with this modified asphalt.

See our TANK OPTIONS page for more information on many of the ways D&H can customize a tank solution for your application.

Portable 20,000 Remote Reaction Tank with 2MBTU Hot Oil Heater and Plant Metering System

Having adequate agitation is key to producing asphalt rubber with minimal tank maintenance. Horizontal tanks with screw auger agitation along the entire tank bottom offer the best-practice solution. The advantages include:


  • whole tank agitation eliminates dead-spots where material can build up
  • placement at tank bottom redistributes settling particles back up into the mixture
  • placement between heating coils improves heating performance as the product washes along the heating coils
D&H Equipment’s asphalt rubber tank agitation outperforms all other manufacturers by utilizing our unique D&H Top-Mounted Agitation solution. See the system in action:
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Asphalt rubber production is especially tough on auger seals as a result of higher product temperatures and viscosities, constant heat cycling, and undigested rubber particles. for this reason, other tank manufacturers offer either inadequate impellor agitation or maintenance-heavy screw auger seals.

The D&H Top-Mounted Agitation solution offers the best-practice screw auger agitation without the disadvantages of other systems. Our system consists of an up-mounted motor and gearbox with an extremely heavy-duty 90° angle-mounted ring and pinion gearbox.

Advantages of the D&H Top-Mounted Agitation System:

  • No shaft penetration through the tank headwall(s)
  • Completely eliminates leaking from the shaft seals, saving maintenance costs, labor and equipment downtime
  • Reduces the overall length of the tank since the motor does not have to be mounted at the end/back of the tank anymore

Top-Mounted Agitation Ring & Pinion Gearbox and Installation

Portable 30,000-Gallon 2-Comparment Asphalt Rubber Reaction Tank with Plant Supply Pump and Metering System, 1,600 Gallon Additive Tank on Trailer Neck, Automated Valving, and Removable Vent Condensers