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Polymer Concentrate Tanks

Specialized tanks for processing and producing polymer-modified asphalts. Concentrate blending tanks promote polymer digestion into the asphalt. Utilization of polymer concentrate tanks allow: higher production through product letdown procedures, decreased dilution times, and the production of multiple product grades through inline blending.

Recommended features for most Polymer Concentrate Production Tanks:
  • Aggressive agitation (to distribute particles and create a uniform reaction and blend)
  • High heating capacity (to promote more rapid digestion)
  • Multi-zone heating (for effectively heating both large or small batches)
  • Exterior heating (for easier maintenance and to reduce coking)
  • Coned/dished bottom (to completely drain tank contents and reduce cross-contamination)
  • *these general suggestions may vary based on materials, processes, and customer

See our TANK OPTIONS page for more information on many of the ways D&H can customize a tank solution for your application.

10,000-Gallon Concentrate Tank with a 30,000-Gallon Letdown Tank for Batch PMA Processing

Three 30,000-Gallon Vertical Polymer Concentrate Tanks with PMA Blending System

Concentrate Tank Heating Coils (Shown in Fabrication Prior to Insulation and Skin)