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Blend/Specialty Tanks

D&H Equipment also manufactures batch mixing tanks, fog seal storage tanks, emulsion storage tanks, as well as custom tank and agitation solutions. These shop build specialized tanks can be anywhere from a couple hundred gallons to over 30,000 gallons.

See our TANK OPTIONS page for more information on many of the ways D&H can customize a tank solution for your application.

Portable Asphalt Booster Heater Tank

The D&H Portable Tank & Booster Heater is a mobile solution to quickly heating virgin asphalt inline and provide some additional storage for unloading transports. The heater is designed to provide up to a 75°F rise in asphalt temperature as it passes through the system at 45 TPH.

A 15,000-gallon agitated asphalt heating tank with a 2MBTU direct-fired booster heater mounted on the neck. The unique/special feature of this portable unit is the hydraulically-actuated booster heater which allows vertical operation (so the asphalt can be drained after use) as well as horizontal storage/portability (allowing legal trailer dimensions). The piping is configured so the tank’s outlet received oil directly from the heater supplying the hottest asphalt available. Tank includes both a heater supply pump as well as transport pump.

Batch Mixing Tank - Custom Adhesive Mixing Tank

A 2,000-gallon custom batch mixing tank solution for adhesive production. The tank above includes a combination of full sweeping agitation at tank bottom, vertical ribbon mixer, vertical rotating blades, vertical static blades, and horizontal paddles. The rotating mixer is so balanced that this video was recorded using a simple spin by hand with no additional support.

Batch Mixing Tank - PMA Batch Production Plant

A set of tanks for batch production of a polymer-modified asphalt (PMA) concentrate and finished PMA binder. Polymer material is loaded into the screw auger feed system. From there it is transported to the 10,000-gallon polymer concentrate tank for agitation and milling recirculation. After polymer is diluted, it is then transferred to the larger 30,000-gallon letdown tank to be diluted with neat/virgin asphalt to produce the finished product form.

Fog Seal Tank

A 6,800-gallon tank for storing and agitating fog seal material made from a mixture of sand and asphalt emulsion. This tank included full-sweeping paddle agitators, electrical heating band elements, loading/unloading pump, and a containerized frame with retractable hydraulic lifting legs for easy portability without the need of a crane.

Agitated Tank

A completely self-contained transport including direct-fire burners, screw auger agitation (using the D&H Top-Mounted Agitation solution), pump, Coriolis mass flowmeter, generator, and fuel tank. This was a custom-designed solution for a customer hauling asphalt rubber many hours through the jungles of South America.

Above are just a few examples of customized solutions D&H Equipment has provided our customers. If you have a custom-tank need, please feel free to call our office so that we can discuss your project specifications in more detail.